Lick Me

Got nothing to say
Cause ya bringin’ me pain
No word to say no more
Nobody can help ya
Go away and don’t come back
Don’t think about the good times
Let me say the last word
Ho’ shame on you get out my life

No more lies, no more, anger!
I won’t give up, got to believe me
I wanna feel you like a stranger
But nobody lick me like you
Come on

No one can lick me like that (x 4)
Nobody lick me like that

At the taste of your body
My lips feel you close
My love is a lust baby
But I try to fight back baby
No time for the good old days
To look back and claim
We both have the main aim
And the same thang in our brain

You make my heat grow up
I feel the cream comin’
I wanna leave you
But no nobody lick me like you

Paroles : Kohndo Assogba
Musique : Kohndo Assogba
Arrangement : Nicolas Liesnard

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